Our company was formed twenty years ago with the aim of promoting Byzantine music and making it easily known and accessible to listeners, both in Greece and abroad, who would like to be able to enjoy same outside the church and the concert hall, aided by today’s advanced technology in hi-fi components and equipment.

What is Byzantine music? It is ecclesiastical music of the Greek Orthodox Church accompanies all religious ceremonies and celebrations of Christian worship.

Although some experts can trace its roots back in ancient Greek music (5th- 4th cent. B. C.), Byzantine music owes its existence and melodic forms, apart from its name, to the great hymnographers and composers of Constantinople, the medieval capital of the Byzantine theocratic empire, about the 8th-13th cent. A. D.

Constantin Zorbas

The religious passion, the multi-member choirs and the absence of musical instruments account for the lyricism, the elegance and the glamour of Byzantine music which has one and sole objective, to praise the Creator (God).

Besides, our company has begun to produce CD records containing old Byzantine songs, (15th- 18th cent. A.D.), which were very popular within the Byzantine empire, such as songs sung at weddings, celebrations or fairs, serenades, etc.

The songs are performed by a multi-member mixed choir (men-women-children), accompanied by a ten-member orchestra using traditional musical instruments of that era.

This catalogue includes 20 CDs in which some of the masterpieces of Byzantine Music are heard.
Inside of each box-set there is an explanatory booklet of more than 60 pages in Greek, English, French and German, with Latin transliteration.


Guide and Leader of the Zorba society is Mr. Constantin Zorbas, who is musician and director of the choirs of the society. The choirs have given many concerts to Greece and abroad with great success.

The society has published twenty CD's and three DVD'S that are played from the most famous radio-TV media of the world.

Mr. Constantin Zorbas is an economist with higher education at the Unuversity of London. Besides, he is the main chanter and maestro at the church of St. Panteleimon in Athens, which is the biggest of the Balkans.